5 Supreme Benefits of Choosing a non-Coding Chatbot Builder Platform

Non-coding chatbot builder platforms powered by artificial intelligence systems have virtually taken over the internet. Okay, that was probably an exaggeration.

But ever since the viral success of the Facebook Messenger bot development platform. Coupled with the buzz surrounding artificial intelligence in the marketing automation space. The appeal for chatbots has more than doubled. With the help of chatbots, people can now execute more transactions than before. Your last order for pizza was probably taken by a bot.

48% of consumers would rather connect with a company via live chat than any other means of contact. (HubSpot, 2017)Click To Tweet

So, having a bot that handles more of the recurring issues and questions about your business, will do you a lot of good.

Artificial intelligence robot built using a chatbot builder platform
AI enabled robot taking an order

Here are a few:

Benefits of a Chatbot

  • Quick, easy and seamless conversation flows with your customers.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Boost user engagement.
  • Handle simple transactions.
  • Analyze customer activity and transaction history., etc.
Between 2016 and 2021, we expect the chatbot marketing to grow at a compound rate of 35.2%. (Marketsandmarkets, 2017)Click To Tweet

So in today’s post, we’d be talking about the advantages of choosing a noncoding chatbot builder platform over a coding chatbot builder. For your clarification, bot development platforms and chatbot builders are inherently the same things.

Difference Between a Chatbot Builder Platform and Chatbot Channel

Bot creator or bot development platforms, are a class of technology entirely hosted on the cloud which allows you to easily develop and build a chatbot for your business.

However, a chatbot development channel, on the other hand, is a medium or environment where you can launch your chatbots live.

Consider this analogy; if a bot development platform is a car manufacturer, then consider a chatbot channel to be the highway where you test drive the new car (read: bot). Where you release it to run, interact with users, and gather data from its interactions with people and other vehicles on the road.

Examples of chatbot channels are Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Twilio etc.

Therefore, in your bid to build a bot, you can either decide to use a coding platform or a non-coding platform.

However, our post will center on the advantages of a noncoding bot platform.

visual chatbot builder
Conversational robot Source: MarutiTech Labs

Visual Chatbot Builder Platform

The first and foremost benefit of a non-coding chatbot builder is it requires little to no technical expertise.Click To Tweet Because even experienced developers know that it’s not an easy task to write line after line of code, decode complex algorithms and fix potential bugs.

However, with the help of a noncoding visual chatbot builder, you can easily create a chatbot using its drag and drop features. Additionally, Noncoding bot platforms have a simple to understand UI, besides that, you don’t have to write even a single line of code.

Noncoding Chatbot Development Platform Are Simple to Use

As stated earlier, noncoding bot builders have a simple interface. And depending on your technical know-how. It’d take you anywhere between 1 – 5 hours to fully grasp how a bot development platform works.

After you’ve gotten this basic understanding of the process of building a bot, it gets easier.

full stack visual chatbot builder platform
Full stack web developer at work

Cheaper Than Hiring a Full-Stack Developer

Fact: hiring a full stack developer who’d code your bot from the ground up is, to put it simply, not cheap. But wait there’s more, hiring a developer also, isn’t sustainable for the average small business owner.

But fortunately for you, a bot builder platform eases all these problems. Saves you a lot cost on developer fees and gives you a framework or a building block you can use in creating a customizable chatbot from scratch.

Quick Launch and Deploy

Using a chatbot builder quickens the process of building and getting your bot online easily.Click To Tweet It’s easier to create a conversational flow for your bot to use and interact with users.

You are better able to focus on your bots architecture and its deployment. You can also run quick tests on its efficiency and strength.

Chatbot Analytics and Continuous Training

After your bot is published, you will need stellar bot analytics tools to measure its performance. And based on whatever insights you get from your analytics, you’d also need to train your chat bot and change its conversation flows to improve your customer experience.

Metrics to track could include the total number of interactions. Failure rate, satisfaction rate, the number of different conversations (new conversations and total conversations).

Fall back rate, for example, the number of times your bot has had to fall back to a human agent.

In conclusion, using a noncoding bot platform is more cost-effective. And makes it easy for you to create and launch your bot speedily.

It also gives you access to the most essential part of any chatbot. Which is its NLP – Natural Language Processing. Because having an efficient NLP, translates into having an efficient bot.

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