2 Reasons Why I Became a Freelance Artificial Intelligence Writer

Why do you do what you do?

Today, I’ll be talking about what motivated me to become an artificial intelligence writer.

After I read Sean Ogle’s 1st September 2018 post, which centered on writing every day. It gave me the much-needed kick in the butt to write every day.

Besides, I think it’s going to be a bit challenging. But objectives and goals take the shape of our dominant thoughts. If you think it’s going to be hard, it will be. And if you think you can wing it, you will. Finally, if you think you will trash it, guess what? You already know the answer to this one?

So writing every day should be a walk in the park. It’s going to be challenging, but I’ll manage.

Today, I want to talk about me. Before you roll your eyes and call me a narcissistic prick, please hear me out.

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You and I are inherently the same

We love to talk about ourselves, but unlike you; I’m doing mine this for two reasons:

  1. To open up to you.

2. Create a system of accountability. Therefore, if for some earth-shattering reason – humongous client work – I don’t update this blog regularly (twice a week), can you call me out on my word? Don’t hold back, here’s my email princewil (at) brownstreamdigital (dot) com

Why I Became an Artificial Intelligence Writer

For example, of all the niches to write for, I decided to write and focus on the artificial intelligence niche. Coming to this conclusion wasn’t easy. Like you, I struggled with picking a writing niche that I cared about. Namely:

a. Curious to learn.

b. Interested in (I’m basically repeating myself here.)

c. Lucrative.

d. Had future potential? ( Opportunity for regular/consistent work.)

e. Challenging. We all want a little challenge.

In hindsight, these 5 points above helped me to pick the AI writing niche as my main niche. Does this mean I can’t or won’t write about topics in other niches? No. It just means that my marketing, cold pitches and writing applications would be focussed and targetted to businesses and individuals affiliated with the artificial intelligence industry.

Apart from that, AI is a huge industry. And its impact will be felt in other industries and reverberate in seemingly unconnected vocations.

AI is Huge

And currently, AI is making the waves. Check out this article (link to the article). It was written by AI.

Truly, becoming an artificial intelligence writer was the first step to earning regular high-paying income in the freelance writing world. Scratch that, picking a niche, and marketing the shit out of it is the first step towards getting regular freelance work.

Above all, if you don’t get anything from this post, please don’t forget this. All together now: picking a niche, and marketing the shit out of it is the first step towards getting regular, high-quality freelance work. Click To Tweet

By high quality, I mean gigs that pay you top dollar for delivering great content.

Until next time. Keep grinding.

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